New R Course: R for SAS Users

Do you know some SAS? Want to Learn R?

If you have some experience with SAS and want to learn R, this is the course for you. R is FREE (cost) and OPEN (license) and is one of the fastest growing software languages for statistics and data science. This course is a gentle introduction to the R language with every chapter providing a detailed mapping of R functions to SAS procedures highlighting similarities and differences. You will orient yourself in the R environment and discover how to wrangle, visualize, and model data plus customize your output for final presentation. Throughout the course, you will follow a consistent workflow of data quality checking and cleaning, exploring relationships, modeling, and presenting results. You will leave this course with coded examples that provide a template to use immediately with a dataset of your own.

Course Summary

The course takes only 4 hours or less to complete. It has 15 short (5 minutes or less) videos and 41 coding exercises. The 4 chapters cover:

  • Getting started with R
  • Data wrangling
  • Data exploration
  • Models and presentation

You will leave the course with coded examples and a workflow template to make you productive in R right away.

Take the Course Today!

Create an account and take the R for SAS Users course today! You can take the first chapter for FREE but will need a subscription to complete the full course.

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Melinda Higgins, PhD.
Melinda Higgins, PhD.
Research Professor; Senior Biostatistician

My research interests include reproducible research, R programming, pattern recognition and multivariate statistical modeling.