Create Rmarkdown Document with SAS Code and Output - SAS engine

Getting started - SAS Engine for Rmarkdown To get started using SAS as your statistical software/data processing “engine” take a look at the following article: Also read up on the SASmarkdown package Display the current knitr engine The following Rmarkdown chunk shows the commands to see what are your current knitr engine settings. Be sure to put {r} after the 3 backticks ``` to create the R chunk.

New R Course: R for SAS Users

Do you know some SAS? Want to Learn R? If you have some experience with SAS and want to learn R, this is the course for you. R is FREE (cost) and OPEN (license) and is one of the fastest growing software languages for statistics and data science. This course is a gentle introduction to the R language with every chapter providing a detailed mapping of R functions to SAS procedures highlighting similarities and differences.